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Information for Parents


Evandale Primary School runs a Positive Behaviour Support Program. The school’s support program has a strong focus on values education. A whole school initiative at Evandale Primary is that students are explicitly taught to P.U.R.R - by consistently demonstrating:

  • Perseverance - by always trying our best and taking pride in achievement. Learn all we can by listening, participating and completing work on time
  • Understanding - for each other, being courteous, cooperative and friendly
  • Respect - our school by keeping classrooms and grounds clean, tide and free of litter, vandalism, and graffiti. Respect other people’s feelings, personal space and property
  • Responsibility - care for our equipment. Follow established classroom rules and routines, Work, move and play safely


Evandale has two bus services one to and from Kings Meadows High School and one to and from the Nile. The Kings Meadows bus departs Kings Meadows High School every morning at 8:15 am and arrives at Evandale Primary School at 8:40 in the afternoon it departs Evandale at 3:00 pm and arrives at Kings Meadows at 3:35 pm. The Nile bus departs the Nile every morning at 8:30 and arrives at Evandale Primary School at 8:50 am, in the afternoon it departs Evandale at 3:20 pm and arrives at the Nile at 3:50.


As a school we are committed to supporting all students to achieve their potential. We have a number of flexible programs designed to cater for the needs of students. These include:

  • Early Years - Gumnuts and PreKinder
  • Literacy and Numeracy support including guided reading and phonics groups
  • Extension opportunities - Grammar Challenge, Ad Astra, Coding Club and ICAS Testing
  • Gardening and Cooking
  • Music

We also have Keyboard and Guitar tutors available for private lessons


Evandale Primary has been recognised as a “Move Well, Eat Well” school with initiatives such as daily fruit breaks, walk to school, and water as the preferred drink when at school. Evandale Primary is also a “SunSmart” school supported by the Cancer Council of Tasmania. As part of our SunSmart policy students are required to wear hats from September to May each year. Sunscreen is supplied and available to students in all classrooms.


Northern Childrens Network (NCN) run an Outside School Hours Care program at Evandale Primary School. Care is available until 6:00 pm daily for all age groups K - 6. Bookings are done online at for more information call NCN on 6341 1555.


The School Association consists of representatives from the staff, parents and community. The Association discusses issues such as the school budget, curriculum initiatives, marketing, school improvement and policy formation. Feedback from the community about School perceptions and performance is also an important role of the Association. Meetings are generally held once per term. If you are interested in joining the School Association please contact the school for further details.


Parents & Friends is a Sub-Committee of the School Association and is responsible for fundraising, social events and uniform shop. Meetings are advertised in the School newsletter. Parents and Carers are more than welcome to attend and share ideas.


At Evandale Primary we focus on individuals, ensuring class sizes are kept as low as possible to ensure individual learning programs are maximised and programs cater for the needs of students. Being a relatively small rural school, close relationships are formed between students, teachers and parents. Parents are encouraged to become active participants in their child’s education. Support programs provide additional support for those in need and collaborative transition programs are evident with local high schools to assist Grade 6 students moving onto secondary education.


Evandale Primary offers students many opportunities for leadership with our Student Leadership Council. Grade 6 students are elected by their peers into the SLC which then meets weekly to discuss students’ needs within the school. Some actions that the SLC have led are fundraisers, murals for the bathrooms, new sports uniforms and school discos. Student voice is highly valued at our school.